"I can summarize my assessment of Alexandra's talents as follows:  Since starting to work with her, I do not undertake a redecorating project in my home without consulting with her and using her services.  Alexandra has incredible skills with color and scale.  She has an encyclopedic knowledge of style, furniture and accessories, and has always suggested just the right pieces/elements for rounding out a room.  Alexandra has worked within my budget, regardless of size.  She is a complete pleasure to work with and is very responsive." - D'Vora Tirchwell


"Alexandra is a tremendous asset in interior design.  She does a great job listening to ideas, goals, restrictions, likes and dislikes and translating those into completed design projects. She has great vision with color and fabric and the industry knowledge to help guide materials and construction choice.  This is particularly beneficial, because the last thing I wanted was to spend money on something that would fall apart or go out of style or stain easily. With Alexandra, this won't happen.  She is also very easy to work with, on big project and on small projects.  She is always punctual, fair and concerned about customer satisfaction.  We have worked on paint color throughout my house, bathroom upgrades, custom drapery, living room furniture, bedroom and kitchen updates - all tastefully done within my budget. At the end of the day, she is brilliant with design. I get compliments on my house all the time, everyone who comes to my home is comfortable and complimentary.  It makes me very pleased and I am the first to say that it's really due to Alexandra Torre Design." - Meg Young


"I am a painting contractor and have worked with Alexandra on a fewprojects. I like doing quality work and  finding that clients are really happy with her designs makes my work icing on the cake.If  the design isn't good everything els fall by the wayside. It sure doesn't hurt that she has a good personality as well." - Claes Parsons


"Alexandra has helped transform what was a fairly pedestrian living/dining room into a beautiful, welcoming and cohesive space space with fun, unexpected elements.  She paid close attention to our practical needs (to maximize space, add storage, improve seating, etc), and made wonderful color, furniture, shade and built-in suggestions that have resulted in a graceful, welcoming space with lovely color and interesting pieces.  She worked within budget, using a combination of our existing pieces and introducing some new and custom elements.  She has great resources and an inspired eye and sense of color, proportion and style.  She has also provided great, high impact suggestions for our bedroom.  I highly recommend Alexandra's design services." - Addie Hilgard